Who is Jimi?

Jimi could be considered to be something of a refined blend of Australian/Polish heritage – given his passion for the arts, vodka and BBQs.

Despite having been born to loving parents and blessed with a rather happy childhood, he jumped at the first chance to escape from a humdrum small town existence to the bright lights of Sydney, Australia.

Jimi then proceeded to make quite a name for himself  – that name however can hardly be mentioned in respectable society. After years lazing about on beaches and partying for all he was worth, he was politely “asked” to leave Sydney by a nice group of people with pitchforks and torches.

Fortunately whilst on a European holiday – or rather a sordid sex tour – he managed to meet the love of his life – in the form of a handsome, generous Frenchman – and has now happily relocated to gay Paris.

Having tried his hand at a number of professions – personal trainer, saucy barman, fluffer – Jimi now fervently pursues his dreams of shameless media-whore stardom through any means necessary.