Three’s Company….

I’ve long had an affinity with the number three. For instance, I have three tattoos and my thirties have been my best decade yet. Not to say that I’m to the extreme of knocking and ringing three times but I just like to have threes of things. Although, I dare say that one husband is more than enough, as I’m nowhere ready or inclined for a polyamorous marriage – not that I’m discouraging others from getting themselves a few Brother Husbands mind you.

This connection has been particularly strong when it comes to my carnal predilections. Don’t get me wrong, I am quite fond of a hot twosome and hardly adverse to a friendly orgy. Indeed, I’ve had some most marvellous evenings flitting from one group to another like a slutty social butterfly, ensuring everyone is well sated. I do find, however, that three is much easier to organise and can be held in all manner of places without too much fuss – bed, shower, handy cubicle…

Firstly, it is the exact right number of participants before it starts splitting off into smaller groups of twos and threes. Not that I’m opposed to partners swapping all about the place, but I rather like the intense involvement that comes of playing in a tight knit group of three. Then there’s always the warmth of being cocooned between two lusty lads, in a sweaty tangle of limbs, which can only add to your coital glow.


Secondly, it provides you with the perfect amount of excess equipment to play with and allows for all sorts of extra shenanigans – daisy chains, spit roasting and even a good old-fashioned double penetration, to name but a few. Oh the joy of being devoured down below, on both sides, in a well-coordinated pleasure attack. Not forgetting my personal favourite, and possibly the most wonderful of all – a French Sandwich or Lucky Pierre. For the uninitiated, this is where one gentleman tops another gentlemen while at the same time being buggered by another obliging gent. Lucky indeed! I ask you, can there be a greater feeling of fulfilment?

And thirdly, and perhaps importantly, there is the thoroughly pleasing nature of a synchronized three-way kiss. It’s no secret that I find kissing to be one of the most sensual and erotic of acts – if it’s done right that is. Indeed, there is no denying the delight of passionately kissing another gent, especially if there happens to be the manhood of the third player between your hungry mouths.

Take note, I’ve often found it better if the three participants are unattached. It tends to ensure that jealousies are reduced and that everyone is equally keen for each other. That being said, I have had some amazing times with couples when I’ve been the special guest star, but it does tend to be on the more rare side.

Who else among my loyal readers is enchanted by the thrall of the threesome?

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