Think of the the children…

Here in France they are rather fond of a protest – almost as much as they love a strike – and it is truly wonderful that people are free to express their opinion in a mostly peaceful manner. What has drawn my ire this week is the Manif Pour Tous movement – that’s ‘protest for everyone’ for my non-frenchies.

Call me crazy but when you march and rally against the giving of equality you are not speaking for anyone but your bigoted/homophobic/hateful selves!

Last weekend they were out in force, with a worrying number of participants, protesting against IVF access for homosexual couples and the possibility of making surrogacy legal in France. They tried to stop marriage equality and failed and now they are after the children. Granted, this time they have broadened their hate towards anyone who can’t conceive naturally and not just the gays. That being said, their loathsome message of the only acceptable model for parenthood remains «un papa, une maman, des enfants». That’s right, it’s a dad, a mum and kids or nothing. So gay couples, single parent and blended families are apparently an abomination and will surely lead to eternal damnation and hellfire.


It’s 2014 for f@&k’s sake, not 1954! How dare they presume to tell us what constitutes a family! As usual, they hide behind the traditional excuses of religious teachings and ‘family values’. It’s amazing how they can’t see the hypocrisy of perpetuating so much hate and intolerance in the name of morality. If they were really concerned about the welfare of the children, as opposed to merely their discomfort of lifestyles that don’t fit into their narrow worldview, then they would have to admit that the presence of a loving household is surely the only real requirement for raising children.

People who choose to go through the time-consuming, expensive and altogether heart wrenching experience of surrogacy or adoption are obviously in desperate need to be parents.  They have to work so much harder for the pleasure of parenthood, which comes so easily to others. Their efforts should be applauded and encouraged rather than harassed and vilified.

Sadly, it all just goes to show that we still have a long way to go before gaining the acceptance and understanding we deserve.

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