The Love That Dare Speak Its Name!

Well, the disgraceful, repugnant and thoroughly hateful plebiscite is now in full swing and what a most pleasant time is being had by for all. As predicted, a full-scale smear campaign is in effect, where the YES camp have been portrayed as aggressive bullies who won’t be happy until every man, woman and child has been indoctrinated into an unnatural way of life. Naturally, this has led to further hysterics by those on the far right and trickled down into increased violence against those supporting marriage equality.

To be honest, I’m fucking sick of it! I’m sick of reading about the latest lies from the NO side. I’m sick of fighting for something that shouldn’t even be an issue in our modern age. I’m sick of being told that we must be grateful for whatever legislative scraps the government deigns to give us. I’m sick of having to explain to my European friends why Australia is so backward on this issue. I’m sick of hearing ridiculous arguments about how marriage equality will be the end of civilization, as we know it.  People are going to be forbidden to use the terms ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ – really, Pauline? What fucking planet are you living on??? The only thing happening in countries where it’s been legalised, is that more people are getting married and the religious zealots are far less content.


Damn right, the YES campaign is aggressive. Boo hoo, the bigots feel like they’re being bullied and harassed. Good! About fucking time! Do I advocate violence towards them? Of course not. But maybe now, they can finally have some compassion and understanding of what life is like for the very people whose rights they insist on squashing.

Equality has never been won by people going to those in power and politely asking for it. It has to be fought for with everything we’ve got. How calm and unemotional are we supposed to be when we’ve been repeatedly told that we’re a danger to children and society as a whole? And, let’s not forget, there would be absolutely no need for any of these campaigns if the government did its damn job in the first place, instead of wasting money and creating a situation where the very worst of human nature is put on display on a daily basis.

Not that it’s all bad news, as I’ve seen and heard a steady stream of support from friends and family. Indeed, I had a most uplifting conversation with my father about it, a few days ago. In his sixties and raised in the country, he is someone you might stereotypically expect to be against changing the marriage law, yet he couldn’t be more for it. Granted, his children may have had a little something to do with that. It wasn’t an easy journey for him finding out that both his sons were gay but his love easily overcame any prejudices he may have had from his upbringing. The best comment he made to me was that the only thing that mattered to him was that his kids were happy and healthy. Certainly, he joyfully attended my wedding, as he did those of my sisters, and was equally as teary at all.

The truly shameful part of this whole debacle is that the law likely won’t change until the government does. No matter the result of this joke of an opinion poll, they don’t have to do a damn thing. My only hope is that the pesky YES camp continues to make hell for them until they do.

In a world of so much hate, why on earth not let love win?

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