The Joys of Daddyhood.

Hey Campers,

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted about the trials and tribulations of Daddyhood, mostly because it’s been so dreadfully time-consuming, energy-draining and generally only leaves me mentally fit for watching Gilmore Girl marathons. Don’t get me wrong, Nate is pretty damn awesome – most of the time, although there have been several occasions where we’ve genuinely wondered whether or not he was temporarily possessed by a demon spawn. But I jest…sort of.

All in all, I’m very much a happily married father of three – yes I include the cats as they are just as needy as any human child, let me tell you – and wouldn’t trade it for the world. That’s not to say, I’ve managed to completely master the tricky balance between maintaining any semblance of my own life and making sure every last whim of our little beast is sated.

Truly, it’s been amazing to watch him grow from just a blobby baby into more of a little boy every day. Honestly, it seems like he’s changing constantly and at a rate at which I’m not particularly comfortable.  As frightening as it is to admit, my parents were right! It does go by so damn fast. He’s nearly TEN FREAKING MONTHS already! I’m sure any moment now he’ll be telling me how I’m ruining his life as he slams his bedroom door behind him…maybe not just yet, but soon.


Certainly, his mobility has increased so much that he’s been sentenced to baby jail – a wonderfully colourful barrier that ensures he stays pretty much where you left him – on the odd occasion when I need to try and keep the apartment in some sort of order. Dear gods, when will the laundry end??? On a positive note, I’m apparently not doing particularly badly, according to my beloved mother-in-law. In fact, on her recent visit she commented positively on the tidiness of our home, despite the understandably growing mass of baby paraphernalia strewn about the apartment – high praise, indeed. Trust me, she is rather forthright in her opinions and would have told us in no uncertain terms if she thought we’d let the place become a dump.

His appetite has also evolved, and he’s been rather enthusiastic in exploring all the tastes and textures of the fruit and vegetables with which we’ve been plying him – he even helps out at mealtimes. Of course, his version of helping seems to be taking great joy in putting almost as much food on his face and clothes as he gets in his actual mouth. Now that his teeth are coming in nicely, we’ve been trying increasingly more solid food, although we’ve learnt not to be foolish enough to put our fingers anywhere near his mouth. He hasn’t drawn blood yet with his vice-like bite, but it’s surely only a matter of time.

Must away, as I have a rare chance to revel in the quietness of the apartment while the family sleeps…for the moment.

Tchao. Tchao!!!

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