The Hateful Mates.

What is wrong with people? Sadly, this is a question I find myself asking on a regular basis. What’s riled me up today, dear reader, you may ask? Well, that would be the recent unprovoked attacks on men in my beloved hometown of Sydney, with the gentlemen in question targeted simply for the being gay.

Of course, it wasn’t one lone bigot who attacked these men; rather, they were violently set upon by groups. How fucking cowardly! People may talk of mob mentality and use the defence of being swept up in the moment but that’s no excuse for such appalling behaviour. Theoretically, everyone has a brain and should be able to think for themselves.

For my part, I just can’t comprehend the mentality behind such hate crimes. Honestly, I don’t understand what they can possibly get out of it. Is their moral compass broken? Does it reaffirm their masculinity somehow? Do they feel somehow superior by inflicting pain? And who the fuck is raising these people?


I was taught from a very young age that it is wrong to hurt others. Not a particularly hard concept to grasp I would have thought. As long as someone is peaceably living their life, their race, sexuality or religion shouldn’t matter – even if you happen to find it personally offensive. I mean, I hardly approve of all the homophobes preaching my eternal damnation but I don’t go around randomly bashing them for it.

What concerns me is that the current Mardi Gras season sees an increased number of GLBT visitors in the city, potentially giving these gutless animals even more targets to chose from. Is it really so much to ask that people be able to walk the streets without fear for their safety?

Granted, I am undoubtedly more moved by these assaults, as it was near my old neighbourhood and can easily imagine myself being caught up in the very same situation. That being said, any hate crime is abhorrent to me and makes me sad for the state of humanity. How much further along in civilization do we need to be before people stop being so scared and hateful towards anything different to ourselves? It’s the 21st century, not the Dark Ages, after all.

Where’s the love?

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