The Evil Queen and the Precocious Princess – LIVE!

Hey Campers,

It’s finally happening! My first full-length play – The Evil Queen & the Precocious Princess – is getting its world stage debut, right here in gay Paris! Tomorrow, my special brand of camp mischief gets thrust upon an unsuspecting public – one only hopes that they get the joke. If you’re in Paris this week or next, grab your tickets here!

Following last year’s well-received play reading, where there was many a chuckle from those in attendance – although the free flowing wine may have contributed to the audience’s enjoyment somewhat – my madcap fractured fairytale is back! Just in time for a spot of festive cheer, we shall be gracing the stage of the Théâtre de Dix Heures, as part of American Wednesdays – a joint production with my beloved Big Funk Company.

american wednesday event 5

In the grand tradition of English pantomimes there are bawdy jokes, copious amounts of over-the-top acting and a helping of cross-dressing…I may also have thrown in a buff Prince, clad only in tight pants and a leather harness, for good measure.

To say that I’m excited would be something of an understatement, but there’s also a good deal of nervousness and general terror in the mix as well. It is my first whack at directing in quite a while, but I’ve found that dealing with actors requires the same skills that one develops from trying to wrangle my son and the cats. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore my wonderful cast but there have been moments where I’ve seriously considered binding and gagging them just so I could hear myself think for a minute or two.

Currently, my lounge room is awash with glitter as our low, low budget has seen me fashioning most of the props myself.  Of course, when we eventually take the production to the West End, I’ll have loads of cash and minions to do all that kind of thing for me.  And to be fair, I’ve had trace levels of glitter lingering about the place from numerous parties over the years and it does get in one’s blood after a while.

Well, must away as there are several last minute tasks to get through and actors for me to shout at and throw my hands up in despair.

Tchao! Tchao!!!

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