Tech Attack!

The curse is back! Now, that the travel gods have apparently finished wreaking havoc upon my life it appears that the deities of technology have taken up the mantle of unrighteous punishment in their stead.

My run of bad luck with technology started with the temporary coma of my MacBook Pro, which was miraculously brought back to life two weeks later. By itself this was distressing enough but sadly this was just the beginning. During this time my Ipod began to play up, followed by my phone falling into a similar state of mental breakdown – trapped in a never-ending cycle of rebooting. Before you ask, no, it wasn’t an Iphone, otherwise an Apple conspiracy would’ve been the most plausible explanation – not that one doesn’t exist, it just hasn’t happened to me yet.

Don’t even get me started on the built-in obsolescence of modern technology and the need to constantly be updating one’s devices. That being said, my phone is just over a year old and should still have at least a year before going to that great charger in the sky. Granted, it had been increasingly glitchy over the past month but I didn’t think the situation had become so dire.


To make matters worse, I found myself in the precarious position of not having a back-up phone to use. I’m sure a great many of you will be familiar with the discomfort and rising terror I experienced that first day when I had to leave the apartment without my trusty communication contraption. Throughout the day, my hand repeatedly reached towards the front pocket of my jeans, in an ingrained gesture, ending each time in a wave of disappointment when I remembered the loss. I felt completely naked and exposed – and not at all in the good way.

Honestly, I was a nervous wreck. Disconnected from the world and unable to check my emails and social media until I got home like some sort of Neanderthal. As angry as I was at the disruption to my routine, I was equally so towards myself for having become so dependant – some would say aggressively addicted – on my phone in the first place. I’m sure I used to be able to function without constant communication but I really don’t remember how I survived…was I drunk all the time? The experience gave me yet another reason not to want to leave the house – the increasingly inclement weather, kitty cuddles and piping hot pots of tea had already offered rather compelling reason to stay inside.

In a bitter-sweet end to the tale, we were able to rectify the problem by restoring the phone to its factory settings. Unfortunately, this meant that while it was revived from its comatose state, it awakened with amnesia – all my photos and chats being lost to the ether. At least when my MacBook had its meltdown, I’d had the forethought to regularly backup everything to an external hard drive and only ended up losing a day’s work. Admittedly, all the pics I really liked had already been posted to social media, so continue to exist, but there was also a year’s worth of inane texts that shall never be read again.

One can only hope that the gods have mercy on my tortured self and stop with this most unwarranted harassment. As is, I’m running dangerously low on my supply of virgins to sacrifice and have no idea how to continue appeasing these demanding deities. All suggestions welcome.

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