Taste the Rainbow!

Before the fresh optimism of the New Year withers away completely and we all become jaded once more, I’d like to chat about adopting a perpetual season of good will to all men.

Now, I absolutely love the male of the species! Certainly that comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me or has even seen me in passing, but I don’t mean that as simply a proclamation of my gayness. Rather, I adore gents in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and most importantly I appreciate all their different flavours…the creamy fillings aren’t all that bad either.

Personally, my only criteria is that they be smoking hot, regardless of the colour of their eyes, hair or skin. That being said, my brother and father are redheads so it does take a strapping specimen of the ginger variety to distract me from that unwelcome association.

I’ve never understood why some people will disregard an entire group of men out of hand, due only to their ethnicity – something that is seen far too often on dating apps. Of course, there is the other extreme where certain groups are fetishized but as long as you remember to treat your partners as equals, rather than a way to tick off an exotic fantasy, everybody wins.


Don’t even get me started on those lads who only ever seem to have sex with clones of themselves – I can think of nothing more boring! The gods gave us a world of endless diversity and we should all be doing our very best to sample all the goods on offer.

For my part, I love nothing more than seeing wonderfully contrasting skin tones pressed up against each other in sweaty toil. Indeed, I’ve oft written about the joys of spreading the international love. I’m such a believer in this philosophy that I’ve even managed to make my way through quite a good portion of the magnificent spectrum that the world has to offer. I didn’t take a survey, of course, but I dare say there haven’t been too many places that I’ve left unexplored.

I’m by no means saying that people aren’t allowed to have their preferences but what’s the harm in leaving yourself open to other possibilities? You never know which foreign flavours you may develop a taste for, after all.

Go on, isn’t it time you tasted the rainbow?

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