Man At Work…

Hey Campers,

Seeing that the year appears to be rocketing along – how the hell is it February already? – and the damage inflicted by the festive season has been fully assessed and documented, it’s high time for me to be building that beach body in earnest.

I’m pleased to report that the renovations are well underway, however, like most buildings sites, the process has been fraught with delays and setbacks. From the weather, to demanding work schedules and worker illness, it has been quite the struggle let me tell you. Not to mention the rising expenses that have pushed us well over budget – just ask my husband. It costs an awful lot to hold back the ravages of time and the blood of virgins isn’t getting any cheaper.

The latest brush with illness came in the form of a thoroughly annoying weeklong bout of nausea, which left me unable to do a great deal besides laying about and feeling sorry for myself. Sadly, it wasn’t a miraculous pregnancy – even though that would have made the process of starting our family a good deal easier – but rather, a mild virus that has been doing the rounds of gay Paris. Thankfully, this had now passed, although it always takes a little while to get back into the swing of things, after being forced to spend precious time away from the gym.

Prancing on Paris-Plages…

As our summer holidays draw to an end I thought it only fitting to reflect upon one of the staples of the Parisian summer scene – Paris-Plages. Growing up by the coast, and loving the beach the way I do, I never imagined that I’d end up moving so far away from one in a landlocked city. Don’t get me wrong, I do love living here but I do miss being able to sunbake on sandy shores and frolic in the water whenever the mood takes me – even though I can always pop over to Spain if the need becomes too overwhelming.

So you can well imagine my excitement when I found out about Paris Plages. Granted, it’s not really a proper substitute for the beach to anyone who’s ever been on an actual beach… except possibly those only familiar with English beaches, although they barely count. It takes more than land meeting water to make a beach dammit! But I digress.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, about thirteen years ago the then mayor of Paris took pity on those poor Parisians who were unable to escape the city for the – sometimes oppressively hot – month of August and set up a temporary beach by the Seine. Nowadays, there are multiple beaches along the river and the canal with more and more attractions each year – ice cream stands, paddle boats, ziplinig…

Balmy Barcelona…

If I were to live anywhere else in my beloved Europe it would have to be in beautiful, balmy Barcelona. For me, it blends the best of European living – the culture and easy travel to nearby countries – with what I miss from my home town, Sydney – namely the great weather, beaches and party atmosphere. Indeed, I’ve spent many a daydream wondering how exactly I could possibly spend a summer sojourn there soaking up all the tropical goodness it has to offer.

There are so many great things about the place I barely know where to start. The heat, the beaches, the food, the wacky Gaudi architecture, the easy-going lifestyle, the ridiculously slutty hot men…honestly I could just go on and on. No doubt it helps that I mainly tend to visit during the summertime when nobody wears much of anything and the Circuit Festival is on – or as I like to call it ‘European Gayapalooza’. 

Baking in Barcelona…

Hey Campers,

Well I’ve been back from Barcelona almost a week and have wanted to go back pretty much since I landed. Don’t get me wrong, I still whole-heartedly adore Paris and will happily continue to live here for quite some time but there’s something that just keeps drawing me back to Spain.

It could be the heat, the beaches, the food, the easy-going lifestyle or the ridiculously slutty hot men…who can say? It actually reminds me a lot of Sydney but not so damn far away from the rest of the world. No doubt it helps that we only tend to go over during the summertime when nobody wears much of anything and the Circuit is on – or as I like to call it ‘European Gayapalooza’.

Gentlemen, we can rebuild him.

Hey Campers,

Well it’s nearly here! The start of my biennial homecoming and much anticipated extravaganza – The Sticky Summer Shenanigans Tour 13/14. We are now taking January bookings for brunch, coffee, lunch, sneaky drinks, dinner and other events full of gay abandon. So don’t miss out and reserve your place without delay!

Of course there shall be the group celebrations as well as individual catchups. The first of these being the day we arrive – this Sunday the 22nd – at the Beresford. For all the details click on over to He’s Back!!! Please feel free to bring along any gifts, other tokens of affection or human sacrifices.