Spring in my step…

Hey Campers,

After a few false starts it appears that the springtime is finally upon us. As the temperature soars into the high twenties I’ve been taking full advantage of the lovely warmth and sunshine. The wonderchild and I have resumed our daily promenades throughout the city and enjoying the beautiful vistas of the Buttes Chaumont. Bonus exercise for me and a bonus nap for Nate – win/win for all.

I do so love this time of year. Having the windows open and letting all the fresh pollution into the apartment. Hopefully, my recently replenished jardinières and the newly leaved trees outside will negate some of that. It’s also time for the annual cleansing of the apartment, as I desperately try to declutter our increasingly full living quarters. Why do children need so much stuff??? I swear he has more possessions that my beloved husband and I combined.

Jimi in Bloom…

Hey Campers,

As I sit here on my balconette, enjoying the gentle breeze and soaking up the warmness of another blue-skied sunshiny day with my purring pussies, I feel inspired to report on the joys brought about by the change of season. That’s right dear readers; spring has indeed sprung!

The newfound warmth has slowly been coaxing the nature of the city – and its inhabitants – back to life for the past few weeks and the results are simply marvellous. Everywhere one looks the trees are awash with green as the fresh new leaves cover the previously barren branches. Our jardinières are now similarly bursting with colour, as I’d been patiently waiting for this most pleasant time of year to repopulate them with a vibrant selection of flowers and plants. Admittedly, there are rather a few geraniums in the mix but I’m fairly sure it’s written in the French constitution that every household must possess at least one. I’ve also replenished our small herb garden – nothing quite like cooking with your own freshly grown basil, chives and the like.