I’ve never understood why it’s seen as an insult to call someone a cocksucker. Personally, I take it as compliment. For me it’s one of the more noble pastimes one can pursue, helping out your fellow man in times of need. Honestly, why would you ever feel the need to disrespect the ones that are giving so much pleasure to the world?

It’s rather hypocritical really, as who doesn’t like to be on the receiving end of a phenomenal bout of fellatio? I happily admit to worshipping this particular part of the male anatomy. Indeed, I’m considerably fond of mine. It’s true that they do have a mind of their own, even if their thinking is perhaps not the most sound. Admittedly, it does take a while to get used to their disturbing tendency to move about on their own, and get excited in the most inappropriate of places, but I dare say that I’m not the only man to have been lead astray by the insistent needs of his manhood.

Glory Hole Etiquette.

Anonymous sex can be rather exhilarating and no more so when you aren’t quite sure who happens to be on the other side of a warm and welcoming hole.  Although personally I’m a little bit more discerning and like to have a vague idea as to the look of my conjugal companion – call me old fashioned that way. Besides it does tend to limit those embarrassing occasions when you both exit at the same time and suddenly realise you’ve just fellated a friend or worse a family member.

No matter where you find these handy holes – sauna, public restroom, supermarket aisle – they can be a source of relief, pleasure and sometimes great frustration.  Strangely, the etiquette of such devices does seem to vary markedly upon where it is found and indeed whom you talking to about this sticky subject. However, I do strongly believe there are a few rules that we should all agree to follow in our dealings at them regardless of their location.