Hey Campers,

Well, seeing as I’m stranded in the airport awaiting my flight to Barcelona – which is nearly 6 hours behind schedule and ruined our plans of cocktails and a romantic beachside stroll, as we won’t arrive until 4 in the f@&king morning, not that I’m bitter – I thought it high time that I finally sent off a missive about our time in Berlin.

It appears my earlier assertion on facebook, as to what happens in Berlin will probably end up on a porn site, was rather prophetic. No, not me, of course, the weekend wasn’t that crazy – that honour belongs to the time I managed a grand total of 3 hours sleep for an entire weekend and while had marvellous fun at the time, my body certainly let me know in no uncertain terms, for a bout a week afterwards, that I’d crossed a line. Rather, it turned out that there was an adult movie being filmed in the club that one of the official after parties was being held in. Ah, you gotta love the anything goes attitude of the city.

The weekend started off with a delayed flight – I’m sensing a theme – although it was only by an hour. Actually come to think of it, our Eurostar to London was also delayed, so that’s every birthday event with transport trouble…why must the gods toy with me so???

Anyway, despite our slightly tardy arrival, we still had a splendid time on the Friday night, at the Revolver party, which was packed with all sorts of handsome, mischievous lads. It was held in one of my favourite venues, the KitKat Club – a most wonderful rabbit warren of a place, with many a dimly lit corner available for those wanting to become better acquainted with one another. Not to mention a handy pool to wash away your sins when you’re done.

Banging in Berlin…

Berlin is one of those mythic cities whose grand reputations precede them, keeping good company with the likes of London, New York and Paris. I’m ever so happy to report that it was everything I had been warned about. A delightfully harsh mistress, I am somewhat enamoured – or enlusted – with this charming city and all the decadence and debauchery that it contains Truly a place where one can be oneself without fear of shame and recriminations, unless that’s what you’re into of course, all the while giving a brand new interpretation to East meets West.

Don’t get me wrong, there are more than enough cultural pursuits on offer to balance out the less seemly ones. Not to mention exploring the difference of the formerly separated city halves. The first thing that I saw when crossing over to the east was a Starbucks, nothing says forward momentum quite like American capitalism. In general, the east seeming to be funkier and more progressive, although I tend to think that it is all meshing rather nicely.