The Jimi Syndrome…

Hey Campers,

As you are no doubt aware, I’ve done my fair share of travelling in my time and have encountered many wondrous sights…not to mention some rather delightful experiences with friendly natives. I do consider myself fortunate, however, not to have fallen victim to the various mental health issues that can develop when there has been quite a significant culture shock.

For those of you not in the know, there are three recognized city specific manias – Paris, Florence and Jerusalem – that affect hundreds of tourists every year. Some cases are so severe they even need to be hospitalised until they return to their senses – pretty much like I should be during the summer sales.

First up is Paris Syndrome, which is most common amongst Japanese tourists. They tend to go a bit crazy when their idolised version of the City of Light fails to live up to their expectation. This one I can completely understand, particularly in regards to the pervasive smell of urine about the place.

La Cookiterie.

Calling all cookivores! Your newest addiction has opened its doors and is ready to cater to all your gluttonous needs.

It’s so heartening to see someone successfully following their dream and this is exactly the case for the proprietor of my latest Parisian culinary temptation – La Cookiterie. The marvellous Michel has a true passion for cookies and it shows in every delicious mouthful. Indeed, he has already found a hungry clientèle to prove my claims.

A Coffee By Any Other Name…

I’m a changed man I tell you.  After many years of resistance I have finally succumbed to the heady allure of coffee.  Admittedly I had long been opposed to indulging in said beverage due to its bitterness – my fondness for sweetness being well renowned. Fortunately, as is the case with red wine, I have managed to acclimatise myself to the taste, albeit with a generous helping of milk and sugar. Added to the coffee rather than the wine you understand, although given my past experimentation with flavours I wouldn’t put anything past me.

My coffee revelation came about as I was searching for a hot beverage I could substitute in occasionally for a nice pot of fortifying tea, but that would still give my brain a spark. So I decided to start trialling various caffeinated combination – regular lattés with an obscene amount of sugar and so on. During my quest I came across not one but two likely contenders for my tastebuds’ approval. The first being an existing brew, a Dirty Chai – chai latté with a shot of espresso – and the second a concoction of my very own invention – the Speculatté™!

All the rage in Europe…

Hey Campers,

Now it’s no secret that I have been somewhat influenced by all the wondrousness of living upon the Continent. My clothing style has improved for the better – except in summer where I simply revert back to my true Australian nature – my taste in food and drink has been expanded to include all sorts of exotic treats – and not just the marvellous men – and don’t even get me started on my penchant for pursuing foreign tongues. What has caught me unaware, however, is the longing I have developed for e-cigarettes.