Sultry Sitges…

I think you’d be pretty hard pressed to find anywhere gayer than summertime in Sitges. A heavenly oasis, situated on the Spanish coast, it’s just a quick train ride north of bustling Barcelona. Honestly, there are gays for days and so much pride you can practically feel Kylie in the warm summer breeze. Everywhere you look – on the beach, in the street, in my hotel room – there are stunning examples of manhood. It’s enough to make you want to be a better man I tell you.

It is almost a little disconcerting at first, as you think that perhaps one has stumbled into some sort of gay wonderland. I don’t mind admitting that I felt like the poor, fat, white country cousin on my first foray to the main gay beach in town. This was quickly remedied, however, with daily mammoth gym sessions and an obscene amount of beach time.

Did I mention the stunning boys? Frankly, they deserve to be talked about again and again. I mean it is like getting lost in some sort of soft porn travel documentary – pretty much Andrew Christian goes to the seaside. Even at the clothing optional beaches, where it’s generally the people that should leave their clothes on who tend to be on full display, there are crazily hot boys as far as the eye could see in this oh so blessed of lands.

After a hard day’s baking at the beach I heartily recommend visiting Mojito and Co for your evening cocktails. Not only do they employ devastatingly beautiful waiters but their Mojitos are so strong that even I have trouble finishing them – that doesn’t usually stop me from ordering several, mind you.


To rest your weary head one can’t go past the Dolce Sitges. Located slightly out of the centre it lets you get away from the masses but is still close enough to enough all the fun and frivolity on offer.

I’d also suggest visiting after the Barcelona Circuit has finished, mostly because the place is packed with queens in frisky recovery mode. Speaking of which, the sizeable wooded area behind Playa del Muerto is full of men doing all sorts of manly things if you fancy a spot of mischief – there’s more than a few hungry bears, peacocks and fairies in them there woods.

So there you have it, a veritable Spanish paradise. Slap on the sun cream and slip into something more comfortable – sunny Sitges awaits.

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