Spring in my step…

Hey Campers,

After a few false starts it appears that the springtime is finally upon us. As the temperature soars into the high twenties I’ve been taking full advantage of the lovely warmth and sunshine. The wonderchild and I have resumed our daily promenades throughout the city and enjoying the beautiful vistas of the Buttes Chaumont. Bonus exercise for me and a bonus nap for Nate – win/win for all.

I do so love this time of year. Having the windows open and letting all the fresh pollution into the apartment. Hopefully, my recently replenished jardinières and the newly leaved trees outside will negate some of that. It’s also time for the annual cleansing of the apartment, as I desperately try to declutter our increasingly full living quarters. Why do children need so much stuff??? I swear he has more possessions that my beloved husband and I combined.


The proper change of season has also encouraged me to resume my yearly struggle to turn my lily-white skin back to something resembling its former Australian, golden-brown glory. Thankfully, the Bois de Vincennes offers a lovely clearing where I – and my like-minded naturists – can bake au naturel. Granted it’s a tad longer to get to than my usual sun-worshipping spots about the city, but it is most definitely worth it. And for those of you who are concerned for the porcelain skin of my precious bundle, never fear, he’s kept far away from the harsh rays.

In other news, we’re currently up in the French Alps for a two-week sojourn – it’s a hard knock life I know. If it helps, our beast was unexpectedly and rather violently travelsick on the train and car ride up here, so it was a bit of a miserable time for all concerned.

Must away, as I need to get to my favourite bakery before they sell out of all my essential baked goods.

Tchao! Tchao!!!

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