Snip Snip…

Why oh why in this day and age do we still view it in any way acceptable to circumcise anyone? In my rather extensive and meticulous research I have encountered many a manhood in all their wonderfully different shapes and sizes – from the mouth-wateringly delicious to those that make you want to run away screaming.  Indeed, sometimes it seems as if my world is dominated by said appendages – the playing with, hunting for and generally dreaming about – not that I am too troubled mind you. Therefore it’s unsurprising that the somewhat sensitive issue of circumcision is going to raise its weary head. Often a source of heated debate over its’ merits and social acceptability, this topic can be a source of immense consternation for a great many men. Unsurprisingly I have noticed that ‘cut’ guys do tend to get rather defensive whenever the subject comes up.

Living in Europe I am one of the majority of boys that have been left unscathed and free to roam without undue fear of scissors – this is also true of my homeland Australia. For my part I’m rather fond of them being left in their natural state – always being happy to have more to play with – and am quite glad that my parents decided to leave me intact. This leads me to examine some of the reasons that people give for this completely barbaric and unnecessary – apart from those in need of medical intervention of course – practice.

Obviously there is the religious angle. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for people being able to express their faith in their own way – just as I choose to worship in a more carnal fashion. However, if one needed any more proof that religion can tend towards the rather bizarre and nonsensical, then simply consider the idea that chopping off a bit of skin makes you somehow more worthy in the eyes of the big invisible man in the sky. Surely if such a mythical creature was responsible for creating us, why on earth would he wants you to go about chopping off bits and pieces? Sure I may have wanted to maim many a boy that has wronged me in the past – and even considered performing an amateur bris – but even I know that some things are sacred.


Then of course comes the whole cleanliness argument – with the idea that it makes it ever so much easier to keep nice and fresh down there without a pesky bit of skin getting in the way. Honestly if you’re having trouble to slide it back and give yourself a good thorough wash, then perhaps you should ask for a friendly hand if you aren’t sure that you’re doing it right.  Although when it comes down to it, if a boy is capable of maintaining a respectable level of personal hygiene elsewhere, then a foreskin – no matter how big and scrumptious it may be – shouldn’t provide too much of a challenge.

And then of course there is the…actually I can’t think of any more reasons.  Oh well, I stand firm in my belief that this most precious part of the male anatomy should be left unharmed and free to be enjoyed by enthusiasts and experts alike. Not to mention avoiding the whole problem of decreased sensitivity. Personally, I think that’s the one area where you’d want the most feeling possible, but maybe that’s just me.

I’d be interested to hear from my fellow admirers of said appendages: Am I alone in my predilections? Who else is fond of a little something extra to nibble on?

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