Saddle Up!

My heart was pounding and my stomach was all aflutter. I was mere moments away from disrobing and transforming from mild mannered tourist into sexually confident Stallion, freely able to choose my conquests from the hundred or so naked and extremely willing men. My first time at the FICKSTUTENMARKT (Horse Fair) was something of an eye-opening experience let me tell you.

It’s true I have been known to indulge in a bit of kink on occasion, but even I was a little cautious when a good friend suggested that there was a very special party I might enjoy. Granted, this particular pal is something of a deviant and I shouldn’t have been surprised in the slightest when I discovered exactly what was going to be required of me.


For a modest fee one can enjoy all the pleasures of stables role-play in a reasonably comfortable setting. Now I wouldn’t want to say that it could only be Germans who’d come up with such a delightfully debauched idea but it’s not without reason that we associate so much perversion with this particular group of people.

The rules are rather simple. First of all you must choose whether you wish to be a Stallion or a Mare for the evening. The Mares arrive earlier so that they may be ready and raring to go for when the Stallions make their grand entrance. Once you’ve chosen a role you must continue to play the part for the whole evening – no substitutions.

The Mares are blindfolded by a hood and must acquiesce to any demand the Stallions make of them – with a few sensible exceptions. The idea being that the Mares must submit to, but never see, the Stallions. Far from being completely at the mercy of the crowd, there are always friendly Stablehands at the ready to tend to any needs the Mares may have – drinks, bathroom breaks or just a quick rest in the chill out space.

There are strict anti-fraternisation rules, with Stallions and Mares only able to play with those in the opposite role. That’s not to say there isn’t quite a lot of mutual admiration going on amongst the Stallions. Although it’s best to keep this attraction theoretical – or so I learnt from being admonished by a Stablehand after getting overly friendly with another Stallion. That aside, there is nothing at all stopping Stallions from becoming better acquainted with each other afterwards, in a more intimate setting.


I’ve been to three such affairs now and had a rollicking good night every time. Admittedly, with each party, I did have a few favourites that I came back to time and time again. It is rather more social than one would think, there being various pockets of discussion going on amongst the Mares and Stallions between their rounds of getting to know each other better. One can also always rest up at the bar between bouts of exertion, have a drink, check out the action and scout for your next conquest.

Without doubt, being a Stallion is quite the power trip. The fact that you can simply see something you like and just take it…no discussion…no ifs or buts – well actually there’s more than a few beautiful butts. It does wonders for one’s self-confidence let me tell you.

I’ve never been brave enough to try the other end of the spectrum, in the fully submissive role of the Mare.Frankly, I couldn’t imagine ever wanting to put myself in that position, but it is intriguing nevertheless. That being said, I have had a few friends rise to the challenge offered by this part and have thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Definitely an experience you’ll never forget. After all, who’s not keen for a little horseplay?

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