Open Wide…

I’ve been living in gay Paris for nigh on seven years now and while I have somewhat assimilated into the French culture – my rampant wine and coffee consumption being the prime examples – there are still some things that continue to baffle me. The list is long but I thought I’d start off today with one of the most odd – well in my opinion at any rate – and that would be the French obsession with suppositories.

Don’t get me wrong; I think the French health care system is one of the best in the world and it’s hardly as if I’m opposed to such a treatment. Personally, I’m rather open to the prospect of a handsome doctor administering such a course of treatment…repeatedly and preferably for as long as possible. It just seems a little peculiar that it is the more preferred option for the natives. Indeed, I’ve encountered quite a few Frenchmen that excel in, and are rather enthusiastic about, both the giving and receiving of this technique.

In all seriousness, I do understand the science behind it and realise that medication tends to be absorbed far quicker via this method. It makes even more sense in cases of illness where one might not be able to keep medications down due to nausea.


That being said, I still don’t see why it is so prevalent…no matter the ailment. Indeed, sometimes it seems downright counter-intuitive. One need only regard the photo above – where it is the recommended treatment for a sore throat – to see the strangeness of the situation. I mean really! Am I the only one who finds the practice a trifle weird?

All that aside, despite my initial reticence, these days I happily insert my medication as directed like a good little soldier. Well, it’s hardly like it’s virgin territory.

Bottoms up!

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