Moments in Mackay…

If bronzed, half-naked men with a penchant for tattoos are your cup of tea then I heartily recommend a trip to Mackay to quench your thirst. I recently had the pleasure of visiting this Northern Australian city, during my down under tour, and found it to be all rather heavenly – the combination of balmy weather and equally as hot men undoubtedly contributed to my very pleasant stay.

Admittedly, I was quite spoiled by my hosts – dear friends from my former Sydney life – whose generous hospitality gave me the impression of staying in a wonderfully relaxing resort. The beach view from my balcony, coupled with the soft sounds of the waves lapping against the shore, only added to the tropical getaway vibe. Not to mention the apparently endless, daily cocktails – Jimipolitons – a lovely mix of sparkling raspberry and Beluga Vodka. Indeed, it was just like a mini-holiday within my holiday, as I wasn’t in a great rush trying to see a whole host of different friends and family and was able to spend my time doing nothing but writing and sunbaking – predictably I was far more successful with the latter but it’s best not to dwell on such things.

The whole area was something of a discovery for me as my previous excursions into Queensland had only extended as far northwards as the capital city, Brisbane. While it may lack the excitement of big city life, one thing that certainly isn’t missing is a preponderance of natural beauty with stunning views to be found all about the place – and not just the eye-catching locals. We even travelled a little further afield to Airlie Beach, which had the most vibrantly coloured water – replete with fine specimens of manhood frolicking about – that I’d ever seen outside of movies.


Truth be told, the beaches did steal a great deal of my attention – no surprise there, given my addiction to sun, sand and surf.  At Town Beach, in particular, I was astounded by the low tides, where the beach transforms into an almost desert-like environment with the water retreating seemingly for miles. Evidently, this has been problematic over the years when tourists venture out for a pleasant walk only to be unexpectedly cut off by the returning water and in need of rescuing.

Speaking of the water, I was afraid to even dip my toes, having been scared off by tales of sharks, stingrays, crocodiles and other dangerous critters said to be looking for a tasty meal. I do, however, tend to think that my hosts may have been exaggerating slightly and taking advantage of my naivety. Thankfully, there was a nearby pool that was deemed safe enough to enter, although I kept my eyes peeled for drop bears in the surrounding palm trees…you can never be too careful.

All in all, it’s a lovely little place to visit but to be honest any longer than a week and the peace and quiet would drive me not so quietly insane.

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