Hey Campers,

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…actually it was mostly the worst. Our sojourn, off to my favourite alpine retreat, got off to a rather rocky start, let me tell you. I’d been looking forward to our early-summer getaway to the family apartment in the French Alps, where I would have both my husband and mother-in-law on hand to help me wrangle our beloved bouncing baby beast. Consequently allowing me to have time to relax and catch up on my writing. Alas, it was not to be.

Upon arrival we discovered the weather was decidedly chillier than anticipated and that the heating for the building had been turned off in anticipation of the usually warmer season. Added to this, the cold water had been switched off while the pipes were being replaced, so that we had as much scalding hot water as we liked but nothing else. This meant that the toilet needed to be manually filled to flush – like peasants we were – and showering was nigh on impossible – I’m not a fan of baths…except for the ones with the blood of virgins, but that’s far too fiddly to organise in the Alps.

Granted these were somewhat minor inconveniences but then my darling mother-in-law managed to throw out her back and retreated back home again for treatment. And to add insult to injury the indoor icerink was closed and I would be denied my Disney Ice Princess playtime.

Naturally, in the midst of all this trauma, the camera on my phone had the audacity to stop working just when we were in one of the most picturesque spots in the world. Not that I let that stop my incessant chronicling of my son’s life and snapping away at the scenery, mind you. I simply commandeered my husband’s phone and then sent the images back to mine, so I could redistribute them to the great, unwashed masses – the wonders of modern technology.


Admittedly, this did well and truly test my great love for Megève, with my questioning why we ever left Paris to come live like hillbillies. Fortunately, the weather bounced back a few days into our stay and the water situation was resolved, taking away most of our grievances.

There have, of course, been several bright spots, such as our son tasting real food for the first time – carrots were a big winner and courgettes were most definitely not. It was also Nate’s first time in a swimming pool, which he adored, even if we had a spot of bother with the previously ranted about swimwear police. And, undoubtedly the most special of all, due to the quiet and darkness of the mountains of a night, our offspring has taken to sleeping in until 10am – a truly joyous phenomenon, indeed. Sadly, I dare say this will no longer be the case upon our return to gay Paris.

Thankfully, we have another week here in paradise to soak up all that mountain life has to offer. Anyhoo, must away, as it’s time for the gym. All that cheese, bread and wine isn’t going to work itself off of my post-baby body.

Tchao! Tchao!!!

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