Magnificent Megève

I can’t tell you how convenient it is to have a handy little spot in the mountains, when you feel the need for a little getaway. If your family isn’t that way inclined, then I find the best method is to marry into a family that is – in a completely unrelated note it happens to be the location of my nuptials later this year.

Indeed, I am ever so grateful to my future husband for all of the wonderful changes he has brought about in my life, with one of the most magnificent of these being his introducing me to marvellous Megève in the French Alps. In fact, I oft refer to it as Santa’s village for rich people. A loving nickname brought about by my first Christmas spent there, where I encountered a towering tree laden with thousands of Euros of Swarovski crystal, glittering away unguarded in the village square. Not to mention the heated footpaths around the boutiques, so that the shoppers were in no danger of soiling their expensive footwear in the hunt for designer purchases. Plus it’s quite refreshing to be in a place so totally devoid of poor people – apart from the ‘help’ that is, but they hardly count.


Now while my beloved may have grown complacent with this wonderland I am still overcome with a giddy childlike glee on each and every visit. Granted his family has had an apartment there for many a year, meaning he has already spent countless vacations, so one can forgive his nonchalance. My affection for the place, however, shan’t be waning any time soon. Personally I’m a firm believer in basking in all the fresh-aired goodness that Megève has to offer.

It is a joy to visit in every season.  Hiking through the breathtaking scenery in the warmer months, through to all sorts of snow related pastimes in the winter. Don’t even get me started on the magnificent colouring of the leaves in autumn. There is even a grand Palais des Sports, which offers three swimming pools, gym, library, sauna, spa and indoor ice rink – the latter perfect for indulging all your deepest ice princess desires. Of course, it is advisable to do as much activity as possible to counteract the effects of all that delicious but not particularly slimming Alpine French cuisine…oh dear lord those fondues and raclettes!

It’s just magical really. Hop on a train today!

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