First off, I should point out that L’Impact is a naturist bar, so unless you’re comfortable parading about in front of strangers with nary a stitch to protect your modesty then it probably isn’t the place for you. I first came into contact with this particular den of iniquity around nine years ago when I was merely a tourist to gay Paris instead of a proud resident. Another lusty lad that I had encountered earlier in my trip recommended it to me and I must say that I was an immediate fan. Drinking and debauchery what better way to pass an evening?

The ground level is a bar, complete with a transparent cubicle for the smokers so that they aren’t forced to go outside to indulge in their disgusting habit. Honestly, there are so many better things to stick in your mouth, especially in a venue such as this. But I digress.


Upon entry, all patrons must strip down completely – barring footwear, of course – and place your belongings into a plastic bag, which is then deposited behind the bar. They give you a numbered band and take your initials for added security –which also allows one to run up a tab instead of worrying about exactly where you can possibly stash your cash.

The entry fee also includes a bar voucher; so you can enjoy a leisurely drink while perusing the talent on offer before heading downstairs to play.  Speaking of talent, I must say that the staff members are always welcoming and dressed in rather skimpy attire to help whet your appetite.

The downstairs area is well equipped with a good supply of protection, so there’s nothing stopping you from indulging in your long-held gangbang fantasy. To help things along there is a sling, several glory holes and a big padded bench with space for a good many eager men. There are also semi-private cabins if you wish to escape the crowd but seeing that they only have gauze curtains instead of doors you’re still likely to be putting on a show.  Then again if you weren’t an exhibitionist to begin with, it’s unlikely you’d be there in the first place.


As is the case with all such venues it can be a bit of a hit and miss affair. The weekends and public holidays do tend to be more crowded and give you more options in terms of prospective playmates. That being said, I have had some amazingly hot times there on the quieter evenings as well.

If you’re a tourist and want to get straight to the action without any game playing – either they’re keen or they’re not – then this is the place for you. Granted, sometimes the chase can be fun but as we all know there are other times when a quick hassle free hook-up is exactly what you need.

The crowd itself is rather diverse but there is usually something to snack on, no matter your tastes. Don’t take my word for it, come for a play and see what takes your fancy.

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