Lady Jane Beach

For those among you of a more exhibitionistic nature there is nothing quite so refreshing as baring all to the world, whilst satisfying one’s carnal desires in a natural setting. Certainly I have oft been known to take advantage of such situations whenever possible. One of my favourite spots for this indulgence would be Lady Bay Beach – or simply Lady Jane to the locals – in Sydney.

A wonderful little harbour beach with a stunning view, it’s a perfect place to frolic in the water and sunbake au naturel, before going off to explore in the bushes and amongst the rocks in the search of a bit of fun with your fellow man. It can be a bit troublesome to get to without a car – unless you’re an avid devotee of long bus rides – but it is well worth the effort.


Truth be told I wasn’t always a fan of such things. Indeed, when I used to go to the beach I tended to cover myself up with long board shorts and baggy t-shirts. Granted that may have been more due to my overfed and unappealing shape at the time rather than any real modesty. Needless to say as my physique improved in later years my inhibitions fell at much the same rate. Nowadays I’m bound to be disappointed if there isn’t a clothing optional option. I also figure, quite rightly, that by now so many people have seen me naked that it’s all a bit of a mute point really.

The one downside to my love of baking myself, naked and oiled up as the gods intended, is that the majority of other beach goers in such environs aren’t particularly strapping specimens of manhood. On the plus side it does tend to make me feel like a supermodel in comparison. This lopsided balance is true even of my beloved Lady Jane, although it does even out slightly with an influx of uninhibited European tourists around Mardi Gras time….mmm all that foreign flesh.


That being said I have enjoyed many a pleasant afternoon sunning myself interspersed with interesting wanders into the slightly more hidden areas. I can’t tell you the number of rather pleasant and altogether warm and friendly strangers I’ve encountered in my little excursions there. Even making a few firm friends that I keep till this very day.

Ah the many summers I’ve spent there topping up my tan, while making a new friend and satisfying my natural urges. Pounding away while the sun beats down on my skin as a light breeze cools our sweaty slick bodies – marvellously moist memories.

Not that all the world need be privy to your exploits, as there are quite a few little caves, which allow one a spot of privacy but still have the option of inviting others in to play. The more the merrier I always say.
Overall well worth the visit and I shall certainly be heading there to spend many an agreeable sunny Summer afternoon there upon my pilgrimage home at the end of the year.

Happy sizzling!

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