La Demence!

Brussels isn’t particularly known for a raging nightlife but once a month it more than makes up for it in a spectacular fashion.

La Demence is held on a Friday night and is something of an institution. In fact, it has been kicking on for some twenty-five years now! That’s quite an achievement given the fickleness of gay men – not to say that they are all easily distracted by the newest, shiniest thing…actually that’s exactly what I’m saying. My point, now that I’ve come back to it, is that it does take something quite remarkable to hold the attention of today’s party boys given the array of bars, clubs and events all targeted towards this highly sort after market.


The party draws strapping specimens of manhood from all over the surrounding countries – France, England, Germany…with some only staying the length of the party. Ah the joy of cheap and quick international travel. Indeed, from gay Paris it’s not even an hour and a half by train.

Fuse club is the host of this most marvellous gathering and is a delightful rabbit warren-like of bars and dancefloors off in all manner of directions. In addition to the mouth-watering men there is much to keep one amused, namely the outstanding music and fabulous live shows.

It is a fairly anything goes type environment and the guys are pretty much up for everything. Thankfully, the management provides space for gentlemen to become better acquainted in a more private setting, while indulging their thoroughly natural urges. Do take note of the large electronic signs warning of pickpockets and make sure your valuables are safely secured before your pants end up around your ankles.

Not forgetting, of course, their occasional extra special weekends, where there are three parties on offer to help satisfy even the most insatiable of revellers. I was certainly ready for a week of bed rest after all the shenanigans at the Easter one earlier this year.


The popularity of the party has even extended into a yearly cruise, which is a floating orgy of dancing and merriment – according to my very reliable sources at any rate. I’m hoping to find out the depths of the debauchery for myself next year…one must be thorough in one’s research, after all.

So, if you find yourself in the land of fries and waffles, I heartily recommend a sneaky night out with hundreds of like-minded gentlemen!

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