Kiss Me Kylie…

It’s time to talk about one of the most fabulous – and by far my favourite – divas of today. Yes, that’s right my beloved Kylie Minogue.

Everything about her screams gay icon, from her tumultuous love life, to falling out of favour, her bout with cancer and the fact that she is still effortlessly beautiful after a career spanning decades. Granted, she is starting to look younger than she did twenty years ago but what’s a little botox between friends?

This pint-sized goddess has been an integral part of my world since I was but an awkward adolescent trying to work out how I could convince some of my hotter classmates to participate in a bit of experimentation – unfortunately something that I was unable to manage; although not for lack of trying let me tell you.


It’s fair to say that Kylie loves the gays and they love her back with an equally intense ferocity. Yes I may be a little biased in her favour seeing that share a homeland but I dare say you be hard pressed to find a gay boy that isn’t familiar and appreciative of her work – even if they don’t wish to admit it.

I do, however, have a startling, and some would say unforgivable, confession to admit. There was a period when I did abandon this beautiful songstress and cared not for her musical stylings. As shameful as it is, I just went with the crowd when they decided that she just wasn’t ‘cool’ any more and threw myself into the other fad at the time – possibly Milli Vanilli. Thankfully, this insanity ended when I saw her video for Put Yourself In My Place, where she just exudes sex appeal, and I was once again drawn back into her thrall.

Kylie keeps pumping out hit after hit from catchy pop songs to soulful ballads and a good wallop of dance and rock thrown in for good measure. On a side note, I must say that her voice just gets better and better. It’s obvious that she has undergone a lot of training since her Locomotion days and proves her vocal chops time and again when performing live – no playback for this Impossible Princess.

Music aside, the girl certainly knows how to please her fans with an outstanding display of costumes, lighting and staging, with every new tour more spectacular than the last. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of eye candy that she happily throws about the stage to keep us entranced. Sadly, the dancers for the Kiss Me Once tour were nowhere near naked enough but they still moved like they were able to liquefy their bones – truly amazing.

For my part, I have always found her more accessible than the likes of Madonna and Britney, and if anything she has become more spontaneous and free with her performances. Take her recent concert in Paris where she brought fans on stage for selfies and happily took requests for songs.

I’m proud to say that I’m a veteran of many of her concerts, in various locales around the world, and even lucky enough to have been front row twice. Honestly, I was so close I could practically lick the glamorous campiness. Indeed, I always leave her shows feeling enthused and inspired to take on the world.


Personally, I look forward to watching her strut about the stage and singing along to her hot tracks for the next twenty years. Who’s with me?

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