HustlaBall Berlin

I’m proud to say that I recently attended my first HustlaBall weekend in Berlin and lived to tell the tale. Of course there were many highlights and much partying over the festive period but I shall limit today’s missive to the action of the actual HustlaBall itself – well I’ve got to leave a little something to the imagination after all.

Granted the thought of a delightfully debauched and thoroughly dirty dance party in Berlin isn’t a particularly novel concept but I had been told that this one was definitely one not to miss. All the barely clothed, strapping specimens of manhood everywhere one looked and sheer brazenness of it all reminded me of the grand old days of the Sleaze Ball, back when Sydney still knew how to party. There was even a fire-breathing dragon from memory but that could have been a hallucination although in Berlin one can never be too sure.


Held at the KitKat Club there was more than enough room to enjoy the debauchery -with underground caverns, hidden passages and even a pool it was a veritable gay wonderland. Of course there were dedicated areas for guests to become better acquainted, which I may have visited several times throughout the evening and encountered many a pleasant gentleman.

The crowd was ever so friendly and I happily made more than a few new friends – even managing to get the names of a couple. One of the many things I love about German guys is their complete and utter lack of subtly and no effort at all made to conceal their intentions when they see something they desire – no game playing just straight into the fray.

In terms of entertainment, the music was fun and there were many licentious lads to enjoy the atmosphere. The live sex shows were also pleasant enough to watch but if I’m to be honest I much preferred the ones that were occurring naturally on the dance floor. From the passionate kissing to the furtive hands down pants and the shameless oral encounters in the middle of the crowd. Frankly, such scenes are so much hotter when not done for an audience – well not primarily – but born out of a sudden intense sexual need.


I valiantly carried on until the end of the first party at 8 in the morning but decided to forgo the afterparty, conveniently held in the same venue. Determining it far wiser to save my strength for the rest of the weekend’s festivities; namely the four other events – Horse Fair, Salvation, Extasy and the always delightful GMF. Never fear, I shall happily reveal the sordid details of those proceedings in upcoming posts.

The only downside of the evening was that while I was able to perform and satisfy quite a few gentlemen in need, I was unable to find similar gentlemen that could keep firm enough to give me a proper seeing to in return. Sadly, this was a trend that continued throughout the weekend. One can only hope that the restorative powers of karma will step in and see the balance redressed with some serious bottoming in my not too distant future.

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