Happy Hallowqueen…

Surprisingly, I was a bit of a latecomer to the fabulousness that is Halloween, especially since it has two of my favourite things – dressing up and gorging on candy. For a sweet tooth, such as myself, the idea of being practically forced to eat your weight in sugary treats is like a gift from heaven, I tell you!

Granted, Halloween was never a big thing when I was growing up in the Australian suburbs, as it was seen as something thoroughly American, although these days it seems to be an increasingly popular phenomenon…even here in gay Paris.  It helps that my lovely friend Ella always hosts a most smashing shindig – complete with costume contest – to mark the occasion. This year I had the pleasure of freaking out fellow commuters by taking the metro to the party in full Grim Reaper attire… some people get so flustered by a guy wearing a creepy white mask and carrying a scythe.


I’ve always been a fan of a costumed affair. It lets me indulge my inner child and let him out to play – not that he is ever lurking very far from the surface. Plus it gives me an excuse to wear make-up without my masculinity being questioned – I get enough of that already. Back in Sydney, I used to spend weeks planning outfits for Mardi Gras and Sleaze, making sure that it fit perfectly with whatever theme happened to be. The beauty of Halloween, of course, is that you can dress up as anything that takes your fancy. To be sure, a lot of people still do give a nod to the darker, more horror-filled side…only fitting for the day of the dead after all.


Another wonderful aspect of this sugar-fuelled merriment is that slut-shaming disappears. If anything, there is hearty encouragement for people to engage in a strong display of slut-pride… men, women and even the little ‘uns – as evidenced by the children’s playboy bunny outfits I noticed in the costume shop in the Marais when we were picking up accessories for this year’s outfits. Who wouldn’t want their ten-year-old daughter to look like a whore, after all? At least it gives them alternative career options.

Obviously, I am all for anything that encourages men to dress in a suggestive and marvellously provocative manner…bring on the body paint and glitter I say! My dream is to one day celebrate this most merry of days in West Hollywood, where it’s a free-for-all of tricks searching for treats – or so I’ve been lead to believe.


I’m also looking forward to when we have our own kiddies to dress up and take about the place trolling for candy – I can picture the adorable family costumes already. Hopefully, they’ll be slightly more amenable than our kitties were when I tried to put them in suitable festive attire…I still have the claw marks.

Now I just need to work off all those delicious snacks and wait for the next flimsiest excuse to indulge my overly-theatrical nature.

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