God Botherers!

As my beloved Sydney prepares to celebrate one of its most magical events – the fabulous and altogether glamorous Mardi Gras – it saddens and angers me that there is still so much bigotry and intolerance in the world. A celebration of love, life and equality it’s a beacon of hope that also serves to illuminate the terrible darkness of discrimination. Of course it doesn’t help that the current Australian leader – he who must not be named – views us as something of an abomination and who’d be a dare sight happier if we all just climbed back into our beautifully appointed closets and left him in peace.

Granted it’s not just the gays that incur the wrath of these recklessly righteous people. Indeed, anyone not conforming to their rather narrow and prejudiced view of the world is instantly deemed worthy of insult and inexplicably a threat to their very existence.

If only they could be content with bothering the gods instead of everyone around them, hiding behind the alleged sanctity of their sacred religious beliefs and crying foul whenever anyone tries to challenge their archaic views. Indeed the ‘war on religion’ that they endlessly hark on about is simply a reaction to be being treated with the same level of contempt that they seem to be intent on inflicting on those around them. The hypocrisy beggars belief. Do unto others after all?


In these troubling times of increasing hostility in India, Russia and most horrifically Uganda, you can’t tell me that the evangelical propagandising of hate isn’t at least a little to blame. Obviously my predilections do make me somewhat more sensitive to this subject but I do know more than a few of my heterosexual counterparts who are equally as appalled by this sad state of affairs.

The only silver lining to this biblical cloud of evil is that the more equality is achieved the more desperate and vocal the bigots become. Happily this also makes them seem even more ridiculous and petty than they already are. Don’t misunderstand, I have no issue with freedom of religion, in fact I encourage it. My problem begins when they seek to control the lives of others. Honestly if you’re consenting adults and not harming anyone else then who cares what the fuck you get up to?

Personally, the only deities I subscribe to are the ones I see on the dancefloor and at the gym. Now there’s reason to get down on your knees and worship!

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