It may come as something of a surprise to my long-time readers but I don’t actually spend all of my time in dark, dingy, dens of debauchery whilst visiting Berlin. Granted, they are definitely a main part of the reason I go there, but occasionally a boy needs a break. To that end what better place to enjoy a spot of wholesome fun than at GMF?

Held at Café Moskau, in the Avenue Club near Alexanderplatz, it’s the place to be on a Sunday night. I’ve attended this wonderful recovery party more than a few times over the past few years – most recently over the Easter weekend – and the place is always packed to bursting with an abundance of Adonises in attendance. Admittedly, I did much prefer the previous venue – Weekend – which was located in a nearby office building with sweeping views out over the city…and a marvellous rooftop terrace when the weather permitted. That being said, the change of location hasn’t seemed to affect either the hotness of the boys or the quality of the music.




The crowd is always friendly – well in my experience at any rate – and the whole place has a fun, relaxed vibe that keeps you bouncing along to the early hours of the morning. I would, however, avoid arriving before midnight…unless you specifically want the entire dance floor to yourself.

Speaking of which, there are two dance floors to help you get all nice and sweaty while you rub up against strapping specimens of manhood. The main room is much more ‘pop’ orientated with a range of divas to help you keep your hands well and truly in the air. Further into the club, there is the smaller room where the music tends more towards harder house but it still rather full of friendly gents.

All that dancing can be thirsty work and it’s important to keep hydrated. Thankfully, the bartenders follow the German tradition of free pouring their drinks ensuring rather strong bevies that leave you with a most lovely alcoholic buzz throughout the evening.

Overall, it’s a perfect way to unwind after all the shenanigans you may have gotten up to over the course of the weekend. Although, depending on who you meet there, who knows where your night may end up?

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