Glory Hole Etiquette.

Anonymous sex can be rather exhilarating and no more so when you aren’t quite sure who happens to be on the other side of a warm and welcoming hole.  Although personally I’m a little bit more discerning and like to have a vague idea as to the look of my conjugal companion – call me old fashioned that way. Besides it does tend to limit those embarrassing occasions when you both exit at the same time and suddenly realise you’ve just fellated a friend or worse a family member.

No matter where you find these handy holes – sauna, public restroom, supermarket aisle – they can be a source of relief, pleasure and sometimes great frustration.  Strangely, the etiquette of such devices does seem to vary markedly upon where it is found and indeed whom you talking to about this sticky subject. However, I do strongly believe there are a few rules that we should all agree to follow in our dealings at them regardless of their location.

Firstly, make sure that you are presentable. Now while some gentlemen are fond of a more fragrant genital area, I do maintain a preference for being as clean as possible. Not to say that one must always be freshly scrubbed and disinfected but fairly recently washed would be preferable. Then again this may differ in certain fetish establishments but chances are you already know the protocols and predilections for your chosen venue.


Secondly, one must pay attention. Apart from being wary of sharp edges – although any reputable institution should have protection against any such dangers – you should be attentive to the needs of others. One may come cross all sorts of shenanigans at such locales – oral, finger play, rimming, or even a spot of puppetry… whatever takes your fancy and the size of the opening really. Indeed, I’ve had my share of wonderfully exhilarating and rather disappointing encounters within these places but one must not take it to heart.  Granted there can sometimes be a mismatch of needs with neither party leaving sated but sadly like most sexual pursuits and Britney’s career it can be a bit of a hit and miss affair. The best is just to take it all in your stride and not become infuriated by an unfortunate outcome.

Lastly, politeness is always a virtue no matter how debauched one’s vices may be. Hard work should be rewarded with appropriate noises of satisfaction and perhaps even the deposit of a creamy load. For my part, I am always more than happy to take turns until both partners reach a happy ending. If you are genuinely unhappy then you can always discreetly withdraw and move on. I usually give a cordial ‘thank you’ before leaving regardless unless they were so awful that you felt the need for a shower to wash away the shame.

Of course you shall come across some truly gifted fellators – seemingly born to their task – but there’s always the risk of finding one who appears to be trying to castrate you with their teeth… sometimes less is more.

Without doubt these veritable institutions aren’t for everyone but I would thoroughly recommend them for anyone with a sense of adventure, after all you never know what you’re going to get. It may even lead to the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

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