Four Weddings and a Jimi.

Hey Campers,

Love is in the air…and the water too apparently with a ridiculous amount of weddings, engagements and pregnancies in recent months. In my family alone there have been two weddings, two further engagements and the news of happy additions to soon join our ever-growing clan. Not one, not two, but three of my sisters are expecting little bundles of joy before the end of the year – apparently we come from rather fertile stock.

I seem to be of the age now where there is a minimum of two wedding attendances a year, which is wonderful and leaves one feeling very grown up. Although our lovely friend Ella took the cake this year – and was forced to eat a lot of it – by being summoned to no less than five of them.

It has been interesting to see the very different styles in which people choose to celebrate their special day and is rather helpful when you happen to be planning your own. Not to say that we blatantly stole ideas from others, mind you – any similarity to any real weddings, past or present was purely coincidental.


So, while the four events were all held outdoors, splendid swinging shindigs and delightful declarations of love that’s about where the similarities ended. The first was that of my father and lovely new stepmother at a vineyard in the Hunter Valley – a wise choice given how much we all tend to drink. Thomas and Katyusha were next, holding theirs in the courtyard of a hotel in Venice overlooking the canal – très romantique! The third – and my completely unbiased favourite – was our very own elegant affair in the French Alps. Lastly, we had the madcap nuptials of Paul and Patrik, hosted in a beer garden in Berlin – pretty much like Romper Room on crack…in a good way of course.

Needless to say, I had a blast at each and every one, which I’m sure had nothing to do with attempting to drink my body weight in alcohol each time – well an open bar is pretty much an outright challenge to an Australian.

Now, if Australia ever changes its laws to that of a country existing in the 21st century, we’ll be able to do it all over again in Sydney, to celebrate with those who couldn’t make it last time round.

Must away, the sun beckons and my skin won’t get browner sitting at my desk…no matter how bright I have my laptop screen.

Tchao! Tchao!!!

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