Cut The Bull!

We may have had a change in Prime Minister in Australia not so long ago – the fourth in five years, mind you – but the conservative, backward attitude remains the same. Why oh why is it so difficult to change the definition of marriage to offer equality to all? They did it once to exclude same-sex unions without a great deal of legal fuss so I see no reason why they can’t change it once again. A free vote amongst the politicians themselves would easily do it. Honestly, I can’t believe that this continues to be such a divisive issue.

This is obviously a topic that is dear to my heart as it affects not only family, but also my friends and myself. Granted, I’ve been able to realise my dreams of legally wedded bliss in my adopted homeland but I’m still forbidden do it in my motherland. One shouldn’t have to flee your own country simply to get hitched. Australia is better than that…or it damn well should be.

And the promise of a plebiscite, are they kidding??? It’s purely a stalling tactic by the current government, which is hell-bent on dragging it out for as long as possible in order to delay the inevitable change in law. Our fearful leader, Malcolm Turnbull, claims that it will allow every Australian to have their voice heard, even though he was originally against holding the plebiscite in the first place. Spending well over one hundred million dollars to ask a question they already know the answer to – polls have consistently showed that it has had majority support for the past few years – and which won’t be even legally binding, leaving the government to do what they please anyway. Several politicians have already stated their intention to vote against marriage equality regardless of what the Australian people say.

Turnbull also claims that the process will encourage respectful debate. Seriously, doesn’t he know human nature at all? The man is absolutely insane if he thinks that it won’t quickly degenerate into a series of fear-mongering hateful arguments, as was the case with every other country where those opposed to same sex unions tried to desperately justify their narrow, bigoted views. One need only look at the piece of vile propaganda recently released by the Marriage Alliance – rainbow nooses, really?


This type of maliciousness will only become worse, undoubtedly followed by a rise in homophobia and related violence, such as that witnessed in France around the same subject a few years ago. Fortunately, once the law passed here, the protests died off and a sense of tolerance was soon returned to the streets, with only the occasional crackpot who couldn’t accept the new more tolerant reality.

I’ve never understood why in this day and age that people can still be so vehemently opposed to the simple act of people getting married. It changes nothing for them, except challenging their bigotry and makes the world of difference to others. There is no real downside, apart from the completely imaginary, divine retribution they seem to think is coming. Frankly, I don’t see any of the countries that already have passed this law being smote by a vengeful God – do you?

Marriage equality is not a fad, the issue is not going away and the sooner the politicians and lobby groups who are so fiercely opposed to it accept that they have lost, and that love has won, then all the better.


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