Circuit – Barcelona.

The Circuit festival in Barcelona – otherwise known as the annual collection of the world’s best 8-packs – has long been a favourite of mine. I mean who wouldn’t love a yearly ten-day event that consists primarily of sweaty parties with mountains of muscular men. Indeed, the city is flooded with handsome homos in an amazing swell of gay pride…. well there are lots of things that swell up, let me tell you.

I was a little late coming to the party as far as Circuit is concerned. In fact, I didn’t even know about it when I first visited Barcelona six years ago. We just happened to be there at the same time and noticed the posters for the parties everywhere and the ridiculous amount of hot, gay men about the place.

We have since been back more than a few times, increasing our party attendance – and fun – with every season. Of course, we are then usually forced to spend a week to recover from all our merriment in Sitges…. another delightful bastion of homoerotic wonder just up the coast from Barcelona.

The beaches are packed with tourists and locals alike – although usually not until the afternoon for the party boys as they don’t get up too early. Personally, I prefer Sant Sebastià which is generally less crowded and a more tranquil way to spend your afternoon, versus Mar Bella which is always packed like a Zara store on the first day of the sales. Fortunately, both do offer up the most amazing array of beautiful men in skimpy swimwear and happily sometimes wearing none at all – the beaches are clothing optional, after all.


All of the parties are pretty fab but I do have my favourites. The Pool Party at the waterpark easily takes the number one spot and is a must attend event. Almost like a gay soup at times, it’s a delightful day and night of wet and slippery fun. There are men of all shapes, sizes and ages but the majority are definitely more of the body beautiful ilk. There is even a handful of girls about the place, although it’s a bit like playing a real world version of Where’s Waldo?

My other firm recommendation would be Megawoof – the strictly men only party. Held the night following the waterpark party it’s quite a bit dirtier with lots of fun to be had in dark corners and on the dance floor alike. That being said, one can find naughtiness at any of the parties, with all sorts of shenanigans going on. For instance, whilst I was waiting in the queue for the toilets, at this year’s Pervert party, I saw two rather muscular, good looking gentlemen guys putting on a rather shameless display of buggery  – not that I was complaining, mind you.

It’s heartening to see in our troubled world that we can have events where so many friendly international connections are being made. So don’t miss out next summer… book your tickets and come and spread the love!

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