Cereal Killer Café

Normally, I avoid any hipster-like endeavours like the plague but my inner child would not be quietened when I heard about the Cereal Killer Café opening up in London. Not only does it have the cereals of my youth but it also lets you have breakfast at any time of the day…much like one of my other favourites - Benedict in Tel Aviv.


I first learned about this magical place on facebook and then kept hearing about it through a series of articles that were either damning them for daring to open such a kitsch venue in a poorish area and others wondering what all the fuss was about. Personally, I think picking on a café because they charge more than you’d pay from simply buying said articles from a supermarket is ridiculous. Firstly, I dare say you’d have a hard time finding any business that wasn’t selling its product at a marked up price. Secondly, it’s hardly like the owners were dragging people of the streets to buy their wares. Honestly, people can get so worked up over the most trivial things at times. But I digress.

So, on a recent visit to London, off I went to Brick Lane to see what Saturday morning cartoon watching memories I could recapture. There was a queue out the door – no doubt a result of all the media attention – and we ended up waiting for about forty-five minutes before being able to make it to the counter and be served.


There was so much choice it was like I was in a most wonderful sugar-saturated heaven. They have cereals from all over the globe, including quite a few I’d thought had been discontinued a while back…not to mention a startling array of milks, pop tarts and other delicious treats. Eventually, I ended up settling upon the Peanut Butter Cereal Cocktail, which was just as delightfully yummy as it sounds. Once served we headed downstairs with our trays and into the basement seating area where even more cereal memorabilia adorned the walls and a variety of cartoons played on the televisions hung from the walls.

I munched my way through my bowl at a breakneck speed – pretty much the same as when I was little. What else would you expect from an unrepentant kidult, after all? I’d heartily recommend popping in to get your fix of childish glee…although perhaps during the week to avoid the crowd.


Happy breakfasting!

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