Bunnies in Brussels

Hey Campers,

Well it has taken me nearly a week to recover but it was well worth the effort. That being said I was slightly more sensible than I was for the last attempt at three parties over the course of one weekend in Berlin last year – the human body does have limits.

Now, Brussels may not be the first city you think of when it comes to debauched free-for-alls…barring the European Commissions Christmas party of course, but I digress. Swapping gym bunnies for the traditional one, we settled in for a weekend of sinfully sweaty soirées as La Demence held their Easter extravaganza.

The last time I had been to this particular party was nigh on 8 years ago just after I had first met Antoine and was continuing on in my European sex tour…umm sightseeing holiday. My hazy recollections of a most marvellous time were reconfirmed with each of the parties I attended this time around.

Granted the Friday night was the least enjoyable of three but I was there by myself and the music was suited to those in a more enhanced state than the simple booze fuelled one I was in. That being said, there were magnificent marvels of manhood everywhere one looked. Honestly, men so stunning you would happily sell your mother just to spend a night with them…sorry mum but sacrifices must be made. Thankfully management had provided space for gentlemen to become better acquainted in a more private setting for those who were couldn’t resist their thoroughly natural urges.


The parade of perfection carried on throughout the weekend, and I must say, I’m as surprised as anyone, at not going blind after all that diabetes-inducing eye candy. Speaking of flawlessness, I must admit I was completely thrown by the shocking decision of the party organisers to use Gogo dancers who could actually dance. This goes sharply against the tradition over here of simply employing beautiful robots that sway from side to side. These guys and occasional gal were working the polls, flying about on silks and somersaulting their way across the stage – not to mention those perched on swings, showering the crowd with chocolate eggs. Their acrobatic skills were delightful to behold – especially when they demonstrated just how easily and far apart their legs could spread. You never know when such flexibility may be required after all.

There was certainly a world of wonder to regard, including a great deal of costume changes both on and off the stage. The looks ranging from the inspired to the insane – think Disney characters as sexed–up former child stars and you’re halfway there. It was also a fine opportunity to see all the latest trends in underwear, harnesses and other playful outfits. In fact I made a point of carefully inspecting as many such accessories as I could find….it’s best to try before you buy after all.

That’s enough for today, besides the cats are telling me it’s time for our afternoon nap.

Tchao! Tchao!!!

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