There are so many wonderful things about Tel Aviv – the heat, the men, the beaches, the food, the…. everything really. Being a selfless devotee of breakfast no matter the time of the day, I can’t even tell you how happy I was to encounter the brilliant Benedict restaurant. Offering a round the clock breakfast menu it’s like a delicious dream come true. Indeed I wish all cafés had such an option – although I’d probably be in danger of eating nothing else.

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in three handy locations, they are an absolute must visit. I would, however, recommend against arriving at traditional meal times as its popularity can mean a bit of a wait.  One can even travel the world with their breakfast options – Israeli, English, French and Texan to name but a few. My personal favourite being the white chocolate espresso pancakes – so sweet even I, with my seemingly insatiable sweet tooth, was in danger of a cavity.


No matter your choice you receive an assortment of even more scrumptious breads in a basket, accompanied by sinfully delicious spreads. This alone could have sated us but gluttons that we were we wanted more! Word of warning if you gorge yourself on these straight away you may find yourself a bit full when your actual breakfast arrives. A mistake we made but like a trooper I soldiered on making sure to eat up every last mouth-wateringly tasty morsel. Usually after dining there you won’t need feeding for several hours after, possibly not till the following day.

Handy hint – don’t have it if you are planning on doing anything other than just lying on the beach afterwards, as I basically has to roll myself back to the hotel for a nap before I could even contemplate anything vaguely vigorous. Personally, if you were wanting to keep your beach ready physique, I’d keep it as a one off treat while visiting. Although, if you are prepared to party very hard the rest of the time, in combination with the constant humidity, you may be able to counteract the not particularly slimming effects of such decadent delights.

Bon appétit!

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