A Coffee By Any Other Name…

I’m a changed man I tell you.  After many years of resistance I have finally succumbed to the heady allure of coffee.  Admittedly I had long been opposed to indulging in said beverage due to its bitterness – my fondness for sweetness being well renowned. Fortunately, as is the case with red wine, I have managed to acclimatise myself to the taste, albeit with a generous helping of milk and sugar. Added to the coffee rather than the wine you understand, although given my past experimentation with flavours I wouldn’t put anything past me.

My coffee revelation came about as I was searching for a hot beverage I could substitute in occasionally for a nice pot of fortifying tea, but that would still give my brain a spark. So I decided to start trialling various caffeinated combination – regular lattés with an obscene amount of sugar and so on. During my quest I came across not one but two likely contenders for my tastebuds’ approval. The first being an existing brew, a Dirty Chai – chai latté with a shot of espresso – and the second a concoction of my very own invention – the Speculatté™!


The latter’s miraculous discovery occurred at the Columbus café near Opéra. Now my preferred potion of theirs is a Steamer – steamed milk with syrup of your choice added. My favourite of these being Speculoos given my long standing addiction to this particular product, in all of its many forms – biscuit, breakfast spread, cheesecake… So I simply added a hit of caffeine and a few sips later I realised I had achieved percolated perfection.

Granted, there are those purists who will decry that my adding of sugared, milky goodness dilutes and ruins the coffee, but frankly I couldn’t care less. In fact, I was so unbothered by such things that I was using that most heinous of substances – instant coffee – to assemble homemade Speculattés™.

Fortunately, one of my dear friends, Victoria, soon put a stop to this travesty by buying me a French press and promptly teaching me the best method of making a proper pot of coffee. The strict instruction included such important concerns as how not to burn the beans and the correct protocol for letting it steep before drinking. It’s been a revelation I tell you.

That being said, I do only indulge two or three times per week. I wouldn’t want that buzzy level of awareness every day; it would be far too much. Besides there is only so productive I can be before I explode into an unpleasant mess.

What’s your caffeinated beverage of choice to get those creative juices flowing?

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